The Mathsquad Assessment Resources are essentially sheets that have the same structure as the homework and can be used to measure the progress students are making.

Why teachers will love the Mathsquad Assessments…

  • They act as an excellent motivator for students to put effort into their homework
  • There are 10 assessments available at each level (Pretest 2x, Practice Progress Test x4 and Official Progress Test x4) allowing you to see individuals progress over time (and identify which students need more support)
  • If using the electronic documentation sheet you will be able to map students’ results to a Victorian Curriculum level for Number and Algebra (extremely helpful for reporting purposes). A sample google sheet documentation sheet which can be copied for personal use is accessed by clicking here

Why students will love the Mathsquad Assessments…

  • They know exactly what the assessment will look like before the day reducing test anxiety
  • There is no need to “cram” before the test as they have been revising for it every week through the homework program
  • They can see the progress they have made over the testing period

Accessing the Assessments

All assessment resources are password protected as having them where students could access them would take away all their benefit! If you would like more information on accessing the password click here. If you have the password and would like to access the Assessment Bundle click here.


Q. How often should students be assessed formally?
A. We find that completing a Foundation and Core pretest at the start of the year followed by an Official Progress Test at the end of each term works well. Note that each Official Progress Test has an accompanying Practice Progress Test to aid revision (more on this below).

Q. What level of assessment should students complete?
A. Foundation is designed for Semester 1 and Core is designed for Semester 2. That said, if you are allowing students to “level-up” to Core once they are ready (guided by their skill level rather than a preset timeline) then students should complete assessments at the level which matches their homework.

Q. Do you have a sample of each level of assessment?
A. Yes. Click on the following levels to see the first practice test; Foundation, Core, Core Plus

Q. Do you have any suggested approaches to revision?
A. Print out a practice assessment for each student and write their name on it (practice tests are within the Assessment Bundle, see above for how to access these sheets). Using the data you have obtained from the most recent assessment at this level (past progress test or a pretest) cross out any question that the student got 100% correct. Give students their named sheet and ask them to complete questions that have not been crossed off, correcting their work as they go using the solutions. Encourage them to use their homework helper (if you are using this tool). It is hoped that the student can do more than they could previously (and fortunately this is often the case!). Once students have done as much as they can on their own they can work with their peers and with the support of you their teacher. This is a good way to boost students’ confidence going into an assessment and also help them see which skills they could try to learn to guide their revision before the official test.

Q. Once a student has mastered Core level, what should they do for assessments?
A. Core Plus Assessments are contained within the Assessment Bundle. Please refer to the Core Plus page for information on extending beyond Core level, including assessing beyond Core level.