A number of solution based files are password protected to ensure they are not accessible to student members.

The password is accessible from a number of sources (detailed below).

  • Maths Chats Email – “Mathsquad Website” sent 11/04/2018
  • Email to attendees of the “Was that Set for Homework” MAV Conference Talk – “Mathsquad Website” sent 15/05/2018
  • Maths Heads of Faculty Group Email – “Year 7 Maths Resources for Sharing” sent 16/05/2018
  • Vinculum Article – 2018 Volume 55 Term 3 (requires member login, available Term 3 2018)

If you are unable to access the password through these sources you may like to consider purchasing the password. The password can be purchased by individuals for AU$80 and by organisations for AU$200. The three-step process for individuals purchasing a password is as follows. Organisations to modify the process as they see appropriate.

Step 1:

Using your school-based email address, send an email to wendy@mathsquad.org

Email title: Password Purchase Request
Email content:
– Your name
– Your school’s name
– Evidence of your teacher status (eg. Photo of your current teacher registration card with name matching email)

Step 2:

Upon verifying your teacher status an invoice will be generated and emailed to your school-based email. Payment instructions will be contained within the invoice.

Step 3:

Once payment has been received the password will be emailed to the school-based email.