The purpose of the review lesson is to revisit skills that have already been taught at a whole class level. At this point, it is highly unlikely that it will be appropriate (or engaging) for students to re-do questions from their skill development book. As such, it is recommended that you use an alternate activity. When choosing an activity it is highly important that the activity forces students to practice the required skill. Below are some great activities that link to specific skills and also some links to excellent collections of these types of activities.

Please note that while these activities have a higher engagement factor they often come at the cost of focused targeted practice and as such it is not advised that these activities replace the skill development work when the skill is first explicitly taught. The only exception here is where most students have a good understanding of the focus skill and the variety is required to get student buy-in to the lesson.

A good time to consider using one of these lessons is after the class has done a progress test and you can see which of the skills, that have already been explicitly taught, are still causing difficulty for more than a third (or so) of the class.


F03 Mental Addition – Mathematics Task CentreCrosses

F04 Addition Algorithm – Mathematics Task CentreNumber Tiles

F13 Adding Integers – Don Steward’s Blog MedianDirected Number Arithmagons

F16a Factors – Don Steward’s Blog MedianFactor Facts

F16 Factors and Multiples – NrichFactors and Multiples Game” or “Checkmaths

F25 Plotting Coordinates – Mathematical EtudesCartesian Coordinates” (page 5)

F25 Plotting Coordinates – DesmosThe (Awesome) Coordinate Plane Activity)” or “Mini Golf Marbleslides

F26 Estimating Angles – NrichEstimating Angles

F26 Estimating Angles – DesmosLaser Challenge

C06 Ordering Decimals – NrichSpiralling Decimals for Two

C13 Adding and Subtracting Decimals – Open MiddleAdding Decimals

C20 Transforming Points – Desmos “Blue Point Rule” or “Transformation Golf

C26 Angles around Parallel lines – “Angle Chasing

C28 Statistics – Mr Barton’s Rich TasksMMMR Diagram Task