If you would like to learn more about mathquad resources and how to embed them at your school you may like to book in some mathsquad specific professional development. Please note that a minimum of one week's notice is required for all services.

Current services include:

  • School based presentations @minimum $495 per hour (+ travel time + resources printing costs if required). Suggested presentation topics are:
    • Implementing individual mathsquad resources (likely to focus on homework and times tables)
    • Embedding a mathsquad driven program
    • How to maximise retention
    • Inclusive teaching practices
  • School based consultation @$400 per hour (+ travel time) where we will work together to create a mathsquad program that best meets the needs of your students and staff
  • Individual Q&A @$300 per hour either at a meeting space or cafe near Chadstone Victoria, where you can ask me any questions about the mathsquad program or general teaching strategies
  • Resource creation @$200 per hour. You may like the basic structures of the mathsquad program though want to change some components. This may include adjusting the homework so the order of skills are different, some additional skills are included or some existing skills are removed. You may like the times table program but prefer it to not include all related facts. The mathsquad files have been created using some combination of word, latex and excel. Existing formulas can be adjusted to create resources that better meet the needs of your students.

To enquire about the above services and/or request a quote, please email Wendy at wendy@mathsquad.org or fill in the form below.


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